Waschanleitung gegen Mikroplastikverschmutzung

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Were you looking for an alternative to microfibre and plastic cloths? Great! The GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloth is made from organic cotton and linen ‘made in Germany’. This ensures clean dishes and a clean conscience. Hooray! Due to its robust terry fabric and its loop structure, even tough stains are removed quickly for spotless dishes. And the best part: you stop microfibre shedding before they happen. So, no more excuses. Roll up your sleeves and start.

  • 85 % organic cotton and 15 % linen
  • Dimensions: 30 x 24 cm /11,8 x 9,5 inch
  • Absorbent, sturdy and durable
  • Gentle on pots and pans

    plastic free

    protects the nature

    Made in Germany

    Your kitchen as a microplastic hotspot?

    In most households, the kitchen is a genuine hotspot of microplastic pollution. High temperatures and mechanical stress wear out plastic cooking spoons, sponges, and cloths. The result: microplastics in the air and in your wastewater.

    How can we change this? It’s simple: avoid plastics whenever possible. For instance, with our GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloths made from all-natural materials. For spotless pots, pans, and dishes. And the linen? Makes it more resistant to abrasion, has an antibacterial effect, and helps it dry faster.

    Outstanding! And always better than the old germ-infected plastic sponge. Are you convinced yet? Great, let's go!

    So, what else can you do?

    We’ve developed a wide range of products to help you significantly reduce the number of microplastics in your household.

    But remember, you’ve already achieved a lot if you clean with plastic-free cloths, use ecological cleaning agents, and filter the wastewater after cleaning. It’s the little things that count!

    Want to know more about microplastics? Here you go: In our FAQs, the Blog, and the Guides, we have compiled lots of material for you, which we constantly update. Go on, have a look.

    Questions & Answers

    With the GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloths, you avoid microplastics before they are created! The combination of organic cotton and linen increases the stability and abrasion resistance, thus leading to improved cleaning properties. Linen also prevents bacteria growth and odour formation. The GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloth also dries faster. All in all, the best combination for clean dishes without microplastics.

    GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloths are made of 85% organic cotton and 15% linen.

    The GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloths are produced in Germany.

    The GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloth gets its colour through a vegan organic dyeing process, which is controlled and confirmed by the strictest certification standards of the European textile industry.

    Micro-N threads are our answer to conventional synthetic microfibre cloths and specially developed for cleaning cloths made of stable natural fibres. Their effect is comparable to synthetic microfibre cleaning cloths - only completely natural and biodegradable.