Waschanleitung gegen Mikroplastikverschmutzung

Unser Waschguide

Microplastics don’t belong in nature.

Many years ago, a marine biologist and environmental activist told us about the first studies on the effects of microplastics on environment and health.

We have been testing, gathering scientific evidence, and engaging with industry, policy makers and NGOs. We work with universities, research groups and independent labs. We are researching and learning. There is absolutely no doubt:
Microplastics are one of the greatest environmental disasters of our time.

We had to take action. It's the only way we can reduce microplastic pollution. The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag was the first step. It makes the microplastic problem visible, helps to communicate it and is an easy-to-use solution with which everyone can contribute against the microplastic flood.

Following this philosophy, we develop further solutions against microplastics. We inform, create awareness about the impact and support others to minimize their microplastic footprint.

Join us! Thank you for your contribution to a microplastic-free nature.


Microplastics harm plants, animals and humans. This has been scientifically proven, but few are aware of the negative effects on health and the environment. We want to change that. 

With the non-profit organization STOP! MICRO WASTE, we have launched the STOP! Plastic Academy. The goal: Sharing findings from tests and studies and raise awareness.

Equip your home with microplastic filters. Check out our guides and spread the word at your school, office, and next family gathering. Every contribution counts.


Before broken plastic fibres and fragments break down into even smaller particles, microplastics must be filtered out where they are created. Because once in the environment, it's too late.

That's why we test, tinker, reject and develop new solutions that efficiently prevent microplastics and help understand sources causes and effects of microplastic pollution. These products are the initial spark for new routines because our common goal is the same: stopping microplastics!


From the experience of our own test series, we develop ideas, first prototypes and - in the best case - effective solutions against microplastic pollution: Filters that help us stop microplastics where they are created, before they enter nature. Alternative products made from natural materials that prevent microplastics from being created in the first place. Refill containers made from recycled materials to avoid waste. Cleaners and laundry detergents entirely made without microplastics. And we produce responsibly and as close as possible to where the customer lives.

GUPPYFRIEND is your solution against microplastics!


GUPPYFRIEND is part of our brand LANGBRETT. Here we produce locally, fair and holistically sustainable clothing and shoes. We avoid plastics, use chrome-free leather, natural materials and no harmful chemicals. We produce in a closed material cycle and only as much as we can sell. We make new shoes from the materials of old ones. This was already the case when no one called it circular economy.