Waschanleitung gegen Mikroplastikverschmutzung

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Who likes plastic in the sea? Well, we don’t. That's why GUPPYFRIEND offers natural luffa sponges in a plastic-free pack of 3. This way, with our luffas, you keep microplastics out of nature before they are even created. Our organic sponges are durable, biodegradable in your compost, and are perfect for cleaning. Sounds great? So, let’s go for it with our GUPPYFRIEND luffa sponge.

  • Organically grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers
  • Perfect for use in kitchen and bathroom
  • Size: approx. 11,5 cm x 7 cm / 4,5 x 3 inch in a set of 3
  • Highly durable and long-lasting


      plastic free

      protects the nature

      Made in EU

      What’s the problem?

      Synthetic sponges are fossil-fuel based; during use, they lose microplastics through abrasion. The particles end up in the air and in your wastewater. Scary – and a real problem. Because even modern sewage treatment plants can’t reliably keep all the tiny plastic particles out of our ecosystem. The plastics from our households harm nature, and ultimately us.

      Our plastic-free solution: the vegetable gourd, which we also call luffa sponge, is perfect for replacing your plastic sponges, because the fibrous inside of the ripe fruit is a proper cleaning hero. Imagine washing your dishes, scrubbing pots, removing stains, cleaning surfaces and sinks without microplastics. It’s possible, and it’s easy.

      Do you like the forest and the ocean? So do we! So, join in. And if your sponge is worn out one day, you just put it in your compost or in your organic waste bin. Excellent, don’t you think?

      What else can I do?

      When it comes to microplastics, small decisions make a big difference daily. Our guides show you how to prevent contamination and pollution. And in our FAQs and our Blog, you’ll find more clues on how to reduce your microplastic emissions effectively in everyday life. You'll be an expert in no time, we promise.

      Questions & Answers

      Luffa sponges are made from a vegetable; they are the dried fibrous insides of the gourd. The GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponge is an excellent replacement for the foamed-based plastic sponges. There's no easier natural way to avoid microplastics in the kitchen and bathroom.

      Synthetic sponges cause microplastic pollution through abrasion, which enters the air and wastewater. Even our sewage treatment plants can’t entirely hold it back. The plastic from our households not only harms nature, but also us.

      With the GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponges you leave the fossil-fuels required to produce plastic sponges in the soil and avoid artificial fertilizers and pesticides in their cultivation. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides can also be used while growing Luffa sponges, but not with ours! In addition, to being pesticide-free, we pay attention to their origin. Local cultivation and European production are because we want to avoid solving one problem but creating another. Your antimicrobial GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponge is long-lasting – wash or clean with vinegar – and as a 100 % natural product, you can also quickly dispose of GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponges in the compost or organic waste bin.

      The GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponges are designed to do the dishes and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Clean plates, scrub pots, remove stains and clean surfaces and sinks without microplastics.

      Wash it with cold water and keep it dry after cleaning or washing dishes. You can wash it in the machine at 60°C or clean in a solution of vinegar and water. This way, the GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponge will last a long time, and your kitchen and bathroom will be microplastic-free with every wipe.

      As is often the case, it depends on how you treat your luffa sponge. Air drying and regular cleaning – vinegar bath or washing – help Luffa sponges prolong their life considerably. And if it really doesn't work anymore: As a 100 % natural product, you can also dispose of the GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponges on the compost or in the organic waste bin. .