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Questions and answers about the WALDSCHRAT Bike & Outdoor Cleaner

WALDSCHRAT by GUPPYFRIEND is the first microplastic-free and uncompromisingly sustainable outdoor Cleaner from the Alps. It is specially made for outdoor athletes, bike washers, outdoor cooks, shoe shiners, and hand washers and replaces at least a dozen other products. That's a good thing because many ingredients in standard cleaning products don't degrade in the environment. Besides dyes and solvents, they often contain liquid plastics and microplastics, which end up in our groundwater and endanger nature. What a mess! Hence, we developed WALDSCHRAT.


  • Without microplastics and free of liquid or gel-like plastics
  • Made from Alpine ingredients, rapeseed, pumpkin, and hemp oil with natural mountain pine oil
  • Easily biodegradable ingredients
  • Contains no palm oil, coconut oil, dyes, foam booster, or solvents
  • In a 100 % post-consumer recycled refill bottle
  • Spray head for precise and efficient application

First and foremost, water is needed to clean outdoor equipment. And if a cleaner is required, it must be robust and completely free of harmful ingredients.

Second, we at GUPPYFRIEND are a team of enthusiastic outdoor athletes. We produce solutions against environmental pollution caused by microplastics. It bothers us a lot that many cleaners - even supposedly "sustainable" - contain microplastics and palm oil. Furthermore, synthetic ingredients like dyes and foam boosters are added, even though these products end up in nature.

WALDSCHRAT doesn't use non-degradable ingredients, the basis for our outdoor Cleaner is natural soap. Two substances (Benzothiazolinones and Phenoxyethanol) from the cosmetics sector are used for preservation to prevent bacteria. The amount is so tiny that WALDSCHRAT is harmless even with skin contact.

We have developed WALDSCHRAT to remove stubborn dirt quickly and gently. Clay, wet forest soil, and plant resins can be rinsed off easily by spraying and wiping. The Cleaner suits all bicycle materials, tents, backpacks, and hiking boots; it's your all-purpose Cleaner on camping holidays. Although not explicitly developed for this purpose, the environmentally and skin-friendly WALDSCHRAT Outdoor Cleaner also does a great job in the kitchen and bathroom, all while preventing microplastic pollution!

WALDSCHRAT is made of natural soap and easily biodegradable ingredients. But please note: As a matter of principle, nothing should get onto the forest floor that doesn’t belong there - not even soaps, oils, or cleaners, no matter how sustainable they may be. Dirt washed off during cleaning may contain particles such as microplastics, lubricants, greases, and waterproofing agents, which pollute the environment and can kill plants and microorganisms. Wastewater should, therefore, never go directly into the soil. Consequently, we recommend using the WALDSCHRAT only with a base- such as absorbent cardboard or newspaper (please dispose of the residual waste after usage).

Spray the soiled object, leave the Cleaner to act, wait, then, after a few minutes, rinse it off with water. Repeat the process for particularly stubborn dirt, wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then rinse off thoroughly. If you dilute the Cleaner and use it in a 1:1 ratio with water, please double the waiting time.

WALDSCHRAT Outdoor Cleaner from GUPPYFRIEND suits all bike materials such as metal, rubber, CFRP/plastic, matt varnish, lacquer, and anodised and polished surfaces. It's economical; 0.75 litre is enough for approx.—fifteen cleanings of totally a soiled bicycle. Please use it sparingly. The spray head will aid you but remember, it is important that you use a base! Lubricants, silicone oils, and impregnations on your bike should not end up in nature. See also: Can I use WALDSCHRAT outside?

Amazing! Tyrol's excellent all-natural mountain pine oil triggers the desire to do your next hike, ride, or trail run.

Especially for cleaners used in the kitchen, unnecessary ingredients are added to create foam. However, copious foaming is counterproductive because most ingredients foam up and don't penetrate the area that needs cleaning. Abundant foam isn't a sign of excellent cleaning power but an example of even greater waste.

(Please always use the WALDSCHRAT sparingly. The spray head of the Outdoor Cleaner ensures a complete and effective wetting of the areas to be cleaned.)