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GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths

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News from our GUPPYFRIEND box of tricks: The GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths in a plastic-free set of 3. Each cloth is made from 100 % recycled cotton. With their stable and durable waffle structure, our cloths help you to get everything spick and span in no time. Perfect! The key feature: you’ll use less water and cleaner! Because dirt and dust are efficiently absorbed with just a little liquid. Who still needs plastic microfibre cloths, then? Good question.

  • 100 % recycled cotton
  • OEKOTEX STANDARD 100 certified dying
  • Size: 32 x 28 cm /12,6 x 11 inch in a pack of 3
  • Perfect for dust and smooth surfaces
  • Waffle surface structure for effective cleaning
  • Micro-N-fibre: absorbent and stable


    plastic free

    protects the nature


    Made in EU

    Why GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths?

    Synthetic cleaning cloths and sponges literally have a clean image. Unjustified! Why? Because abrasion from synthetic fibres causes microplastics to be released into the air and into the sewage system. And from there, they start a long journey. Even modern sewage treatment plants can’t entirely prevent that the small particles escape into nature, which is disastrous for our ecosystem!

    The nasty microplastics enter nature and our oceans, accumulate toxins, and are ingested by fish and other aquatic creatures. A circle closes and the plastic from our household ends up on our plates. Bon appétit.

    So, we consciously decide against microplastics. Day by day, step by step. It is that simple, be part of it: Avoid microplastics before they are created.

    Our GUPPYFRIEND cleaning tips:

    • Use ecological cleaners
    • Always pick up dust with a damp cloth
    • Wash cloths only as hot as necessary
    • Use the line instead of a tumble dryer
    • Filter dirty water

    GUPPYFRIEND products help you to reduce microplastics in your wastewater effectively. However, our cleaning cloths, dishcloths and window cloths prevent microplastics from being produced in the first place. And with the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter and our Bucket Filter, you can make ensure that no microplastics find their way down your drain. Powerful stuff! Let's get started right away. Because when it comes to microplastics, less will always be more.

    Questions & Answers

    With GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths, you avoid microplastics before they are created! Structure and construction are chosen so that you can confidently dispose of your microfibre cloth properly and stop microplastic pollution without any effort.

    Each cloth is made from 100 % recycled cotton, and its stable waffle structure helps you get everything spotless in no time. The best thing about it: you need less water and much less cleaner! Dirt and dust are efficiently absorbed with just a little liquid.

    But please note even when using the GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloth, you should filter your cleaning water before it goes down the drain... Because the plastic from your house dust doesn’t belong in the environment either.

    The GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths are made of 100 % recycled cotton.

    Micro-N threads are our answer to conventional synthetic microfibre cloths and specially developed for cleaning cloths made of stable natural fibres. Their effect is comparable to synthetic microfibre cleaning cloths - only completely natural and biodegradable.

    The GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths get their colour through a vegan organic dyeing process, which is controlled and confirmed by the strictest certification standards of the European textile industry.

    The GUPPYFRIEND Cleaning Cloths are produced in Portugal and the raw material for the recycled fibre is not imported from Asia – as is often the case. Instead, it comes from a Spanish production facility. They specialise in the manufacturing locally recycled yarns made from 100 % all-natural cotton.