Waschanleitung gegen Mikroplastikverschmutzung

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Let’s put an end to microplastics in our ocean! With our GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter, you can ensure that plastic particles from your household end up in the waste bin instead of the environment. It fits on all standard sinks to reliably retain microplastics before they enter the wastewater system. A small act with a big effect. Make it your daily ritual!

  • For hand washing, dryer, and cleaning water
  • Robust and alkaline resistant
  • Simple and effective
  • Frame size 47cm x 22cm made of post-consumer recycled PP
  • Responsibly produced in Italy


PCR frame

protects the nature


Made in EU

The unbelievable journey of microplastics

How far is it from your sink to the sea? It’s shorter than you think! What sounds like holiday planning is a serious problem.

Because of our daily duties at the sink, tiny plastic particles constantly end up in our wastewater. Where do they come from? From using plastic sponges, from hand washing a fleece jumper, from the dust in the cleaning water and even from cleaning agents themselves. What a mess!

We developed the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter, so that you can effectively prevent microplastics from landing in the drain while washing and cleaning. Excellent!

How do I use the filter?

You can use the filter all around the house. Therefore, your filter stops microplastics at the source: In the kitchen, bathroom or workshop. How does it work? It's effortless: Put the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter in the washbasin and filter out the microplastic. The filter fits most sinks. But don't worry if your sink ins’t standard, because it works just as well at an angle. When done, dispose of the collected particles and fibres in the waste bin. Sounds good? Let's get started.

Before we forget: discover our plastic-free GUPPYFRIEND Detergent, the GUPPYFRIEND Dishcloth and Cleaning Cloths and other valuable helpers, such as the GUPPYFRIEND Luffa Sponges. Let’s keep a clean home and a healthy ecosystem.

Questions & Answers

The bathroom, in the kitchen, when cleaning your windows, your bike or car and even in the camper van. The GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter is our multipurpose filter for many uses. If you use a plastic sponge to clean the dishes: Use the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter, too. Microfibre cloth particels and dust, they’re contained by the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter. For a quick hand wash of your yoga pants or fleece jumper: Use the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter. For the collected water in your condensation dryer: Use the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter. And so on.

The best way is to brush it with a soft brush and dispose of any particels in your residual waste. Please do not vacuum the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter or rinse it under running water. So, even if it's more effort to use the filter: make it your daily routine! Microplastics belong in the bin, not in the sea!

It doesn't matter; it works fine when used at an angle.

If used as intended, the durability of the GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter is not limited. However, please note that temperatures above 90 °C, acid, sharp edges and high-weight loads can destroy the filter surface. Attention: The filter should not be used for lacquers, oils, and solids.

Tests conducted by the German Textile Research Centre have proven the effectiveness of our GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter in private households and offices. Click here for the test results.

Tiny nanoparticles also form a proportion of the mass of house dust. The GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter can help retain them, because some particles invisible to the human eye stick to larger fibres and can be filtered out, too. However, liquid and dissolved polymers, i.e., plastics in detergents, can’t be retained. The solution: use cleaners without microplastics or dissolved, liquid / gel-like polymers.

The GUPPYFRIEND Sink Filter is an untreated, silicone-free and excellent laboratory filter fabric made from polyester, characterised by its high alkaline resistance. Don’t worry; since it is made from a monofilament, the filter fabric doesn't release microplastics into nature. The frame? That’s also made from 100 % post-consumer recycled materials for a clean conscience.