Waschanleitung gegen Mikroplastikverschmutzung

Unser Waschguide

10 tips to stop microplastics

Microplastics are released during the production, use and disposal of plastic products. There is no place in the world without tiny microplastic particles: They make their way from your household to the remotest depths of the deep sea. They fuel the climate crisis and have a significant impact on animal and human health. Yet the problem is massively underestimated, and little is done about it.

Every contribution counts to reduce microplastic pollution. Join in!

10 tips to go

With this guide we want to reach as many people as possible.

Join us and print out the 10 tips to stop microplastics. You can hand them out at your workplace, at school or at the next get-together with friends to make your community aware of the problem and the solutions.